Common Problems With Thetford Caravan Cookers

Problems with your Thetford caravan cooker? We’ve seen a growing number of caravanners on some of the forums experiencing similar issues.

We’ve also had a few readers here mention some of their common faults, so we thought it would be a good time to talk about some of these issues and discuss any quick fixes that have been found.

One reader said that their Thetford oven was causing a massive problem for them. The stove and grill were in perfect working order, but the oven would not ignite.

Because the oven was working normally before this happened, it seemed likely that there was a problem with the gas supply to the oven.

Thetford Cookers – Fault Finding

It’s worth mentioning for your own safety. Working on any gas appliance, whether for maintenance, repair, or replacement of parts, should only be done by someone who is properly qualified.

A gas appliance isolator valve is usually located in a cupboard or under one of the beds. It’s possible that the one for the oven was accidentally turned off.

You may also have an isolation switch under the oven itself – usually, where you store the pots and pans – check that these are turned on.

Check the isolation tap at the gas bottle. Is it turned on? Check this and try again.

Is the electricity on? Whilst this has nothing to do with the gas – the electricity needs to be on to power the ignition at the cooker. Also, check that you haven’t tripped out at the hook-up.

Is your gas bottle full? Goes without saying but if it’s empty – you won’t be getting your evening meal tonight! Check it out.

If the problem isn’t caused by the gas appliance isolator, it could be a cleaning issue. It’s very easy for bits of food and grease from cooking to clog up oven burners.

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Another possibility is that a stray insect snuck into your oven and climbed inside the Venturi tube. The tube’s width makes it a welcoming home for an insect.

Even something as small as a spider’s web can cause a problem with the gas-air mixture. Instead of a blue flame, you’ll see a yellowish flame, similar to that of a candle.

There should be instructions included in your caravan manual that will explain how to clean the oven and burners thoroughly.

Have you taken the vents off outside? You should have two vents: 1 for the fridge and one for the cooker – make sure you take these off to allow the oven to vent properly

If you’re still having a problem then it’s possible that it’s due to a clogged jet. Remove the burner from the back of the oven first. Attempt to remove any obstructions with a small pipe attached to a vacuum cleaner.

If none of these options works, you may need to contact the caravan manufacturer, dealer or caravan engineer.

Thetford Grill Problems

On Thetford cookers, the problem can sometimes be caused by the grill. The oven and stovetop may well be in excellent condition but if you’re having trouble keeping yours lit, make sure the thermocouple is working properly. It could use a good cleaning or you might need to get a new one.

Is your model a Thetford Aspire 2? If this is the case, and the problem with the grill is that it simply won’t ‘grill’ well, or that it never seems to get hot enough to grill anything, it isn’t a defect.

I’m afraid most Thetford Aspire 2 grills are the same; they just don’t grill anything properly!

These were the two most common faults we’d heard about on the forums – we’ll keep adding to this post as more issues arise.

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