Caravan Window Cleaning: How To Do It The Right Way!

Today we cover caravan window cleaning, and how to do it properly without causing damage. Let me start by saying that it is absolutely not how you would clean them at home!

You will know that caravan ownership is a never-ending labour of love. There will always be something that needs to be repaired, maintained, improved, or cleaned. But it’s all part of the joy of caravan ownership!

So before you get to work on those windows and skylights with your standard household or car products, make sure you read on!

Let’s get started by talking about how to clean your caravan’s inside and outside windows…PROPERLY!

First of all – the chemicals used in glass cleaners can scratch and damage your caravan windows because acrylic is not the same as glass. Microfiber cloths and a recommended acrylic cleaner are required.

The Products You Need To Clean Caravan Windows

First of all, gather the equipment you’ll need for the job. A telescopic caravan window brush with an extension of about 8 feet is recommended. Your caravan cleaning kit like the one we use below should include a multi-surface cleaner, seal and shine plus a few microfiber cloths.

DocaPole 5-12 Foot Cleaning Kit

DocaPole 5-12 Foot Cleaning Kit
  • Soft bristle scrub brush
  • Chenile microfibre cleaning head
  • Streak free cleaning
  • 2X Cleaning kits
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Never use anything abrasive on any caravan windows – or interior surfaces – we’re thinking scourers. I’ve done it. Not Pretty!

If your caravan has been in storage for one or two winters, you may be experiencing some algae and mould issues, which is common. If this occurs, invest in good algae and mould remover.

Before you start the main wash and go over those areas first.

You’ll also want to avoid potential hardening and cracking of your window and door seals.

French chalk or a silicone spray is a great option to prevent this but it needs to be high quality, cheaper versions can have chemicals that react against rubber.

We do not recommend you wash your van with a high-pressure hose or jet washers. It can cause paint to peel away from the body, making it more prone to rust. The seals around your windows and doors could be compromised by the high-pressure water.

Cleaning Your Caravan Windows – Properly

When it comes to caravan window cleaning, there are two things to keep in mind. The first and most evident is that they must be kept clean! You can’t fully appreciate a trip away if you can’t take in the surroundings, so keep stains, muck, and grime at bay.

The second thing to consider is preventing and eliminating scratches. While taking precautions to avoid scratches is the safest course of action, some damage is unavoidable, particularly if you spend a lot of time in areas with lots of trees.

Most minor scratches can be repaired, but incorrect cleaning might result in more difficult-to-repair damage. All the more reason to maintain a regular cleaning schedule.

You must address both halves of this equation if you want to keep a nice view of the outdoors!

Where possible, try to get hold of a telescopic window brush that is water-fed and has an on/off switch. This will make life 10 times easier for you. You won’t have to stop to rinse and go get clean water into the brush every 5 minutes this way.

  • The first step in cleaning your motorhome windows is to give them a good hose down. Don’t be tempted to skip this step; washing them with water is the most effective approach to avoid scratching them while cleaning.
  • Once you start scrubbing, any small pieces of dirt or debris on the window’s surface could cause a lot of damage.

Use an acrylic-safe detergent or a cleaner designed specifically for caravan windows, such as VuPlex Caravan Acrylic Window Glass Cleaner.

You’ll also need a clean, soft cloth to apply it to the glass and scrub them clean. A bristle brush should never be used because it can quickly cause numerous minor scratches and spoil the vision.

It’s critical to use the correct cleaning solution. If you use a cleaner designed for glass or plastic, you may obtain decent results at first, but the acrylic will eventually crack.

This is known as crazing, and it’s an irreversible effect that takes a long time to develop. It’s too late once you’ve noticed it, therefore preventing it is crucial.

VuPlex Plastic Cleaner & Anti-Static Polish

VuPlex Plastic Cleaner & Anti-Static Polish
  • Cleans caravan windows without scratching / causing swirls
  • Comes with cloth
  • Protects from further scratching
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This job is not about lots of water and pressure, it’s one that requires lots of elbow grease!

  • Once you’ve removed all of the grime and dirt and rinsed off all of the shampoos, take a couple of microfiber cloths and thoroughly dry them.
  • Apply caravan window cleaner and polish until all the streaks are gone. On the outside, apply the finishing touches to your seals with either French chalk or silicone spray, and you’re done.
  • On the inside, you should only need your microfiber cloths and the window cleaner spray. Use a clean, dry cloth to apply it. Allow two minutes for it to dry before polishing your windows with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

Getting Rid Of Scratches On Your Caravan Windows

Scratches can be difficult to remove, although this is not always the case. Small scratches on the window’s very surface are usually repairable. The deeper the scratches, however, the more difficult they are to repair.

If your caravan window has tiny scratches, use a product like Fenwicks Windowize Scratch Remover.

Fenwicks 1349C Windowize Scratch Remover

Fenwicks 1349C Windowize Scratch Remover
  • Fenwicks Windowize scratch remover
  • For use on plastic and acrylic surfaces
  • Quick and effective
  • Instantly enhances appearance
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Make sure the window is clean and free of microscopic particles of dust, sand, or debris before using it. Apply a small amount to the window and buff it in with a soft cloth.

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Top Window Cleaning Tips For Caravans

Here are our trusted tactics for keeping your caravan/motorhome windows clean and damage-free.

  • Always use a cleaner designed specifically for acrylic. Remember that while you might get away with using something else once or twice, using the wrong cleaner on a regular basis can cause harm to your windows. They will eventually crack, and you will have no choice but to replace them.
  • Use a new soft cloth or one that has already been used to clean your windows. You can be sure you’re not putting any harmful chemicals on your caravan windows this way.
  • On windows, never use a pressure washer. Pressure washing an acrylic glass is extremely harsh, and it will quickly cause irreversible damage.
  • Because acrylic is easily scratched, make sure to clean the windows with water and moisten the cloth you’ll be using before you begin.
  • A rotary polisher should not be used. It not only scratches the acrylic, but it also warms up, stretching or distorting it.
  • If you’re trying to remove stuck-on items like tree sap or labels, stay away from harsh solvents and other chemicals.

Voila – Jobs A Good Un’

Easy Peasy – it’s a simple enough job with the correct tools – Just. Stay. Away. From. That. Jet washer!!

Happy Caravanning!

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