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Caravan Advisor is all about sharing the joy of caravanning with those old and new to this great hobby.

Here we share friendly, in-depth tips and tricks to ensure your journey goes without a hitch (see what we did there)!!

We also discover and share the best and most affordable high-quality caravan accessories and equipment that you’ll most likely need along the way.


The site was set up in 2021 by Tracey and Lee, who both share a deep love of caravanning. In fact, our love for caravans goes all the way back to our childhoods, when we spent many a holiday in static caravans!


Lee was lucky enough that his parents bought their own touring van and they got to travel up and down the country.


There’s just something so appealing about all the nooks and crannies to explore in the caravan where you’re a kid isn’t there?

Like many families, we went on caravan holidays because it was one of the cheapest ways to have a few holidays throughout the year.


Back in the day, some of the sites cost just £2 to pitch up for the night and although there was no electric hook-up, as kids we didn’t care a bit – it was always such an amazing experience!


We bought our own tourer 8 years ago and have never looked back. We have a little un’ of our own now and we just had to pass those awesome experiences to him!


Flash forward to now, we started Caravan Advisor because I (Tracey) wanted to combine my love for website creation, with our shared love of caravanning.


When we were starting out – there wasn’t (and still isn’t) a tonne of sites to help newbies out – that’s where we decided to create a no-fuss caravanning site, giving advice that we wished we had when were starting out. I don’t know about you but whilst forums are great and have lots of information – I just find them clunky and hard to navigate!


You will find links to Amazon products, as this is a great place to source affordable and high-quality caravan accessories and equipment – but we only ever post and review items we use ourselves.


So, we hope you enjoy reading the various posts and guides on this site as much as we enjoyed researching and writing them!

If you own a blog or are an experienced caravanner who would like a guest post placed on this site, please get in get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Our Readers Are Amazing!

We receive lots of emails about the different topics we cover on the site. People reach out just to say how much they enjoy the site, or just to say thank you for having an answer to their question. Reading those messages from caravan folk truly motivates us to keep producing content you enjoy and will get some benefit from.

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