How To Repair An Air Awning: Is it Worth Doing?

If you’ve got an air awning and find it’s not keeping its pressure, or has gone down completely – you’ve come to the right place!

We know how frustrating it can be trying to figure out where the leak is coming from – but before you go out and buy a new awning, read on and we’ll show you how to easily find that pesky leak and share some simple repair tips. It might save you a few quid!

repair caravan awning

It’s pretty easy to repair an air awning – as long as you know how to find the leak or puncture. Before you head out to buy a replacement, follow the steps below and have a go at preparing it yourself!

Check Your Awning Warranty

Before you buy replacement air bladders or repair kits for your air awning, make sure to review the warranty terms. Kampa offers a 2-year warranty for their Airframe/Airpoles. Vango and other manufacturers of air awnings offer a 2-year warranty. 

Any air pole that leaks during this warranty period should be replaced. You might want to bring the below-mentioned repair kit with you when you go on holiday, in case of a leak. 

This will allow you to repair the leak. If the air tube is still covered by warranty, Kampa, Vango, or the retailer where you bought the air awning should be contacted for a replacement tube. After that, We’ll cover how to repair an air-awning.

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If the air tube is still covered by warranty, you should contact Kampa or Vango, or the retailer where you bought the air awning, to request a replacement tube.

Any air pole that leaks during this period should be replaced under warranty.

You might want to bring the below-mentioned repair kit with you when you go on holiday, in case of a leak. This will allow you to repair the leak. If you don’t have the kit included – I will leave a link below.

Kampa | How To Change A Short Tube (Not Long Tube)

Although I have some issues with the Kampa video, I do think the diagrams at the beginning are really useful. The diagrams show the main components of each tube and how it is connected to the isolation valves.

I’ve also included a video from Keith & Michele of ‘Carefree Caravanning’ as I think their video is a better example of how you can repair an air awning tube that’s leaking.

Kampa Air Awning Repair

As per their demonstration, you need to be aware of how the conical washer split rings fit within the collar. Conical is a term that refers to a cone-shaped washer. This is why one side of the washer has a narrower width than the other.

After you have fixed your air awning tube, the narrower end of the conical washer should be inserted into the securing collar. You will not get an airtight seal if the collar is not tightened up to the valve.

You might end up putting air back in the tube, only for it not to flatten again. This could lead to you thinking that your repair is failing when in fact the problem is with the orientation of the conical washer. It is important to put it back the right way.

Three Piece Air Awning Poles

An air awning pole is generally composed of an outer, protective and then the inner bladder inner tube. The video shows that the bladder’s inner tube is made of a thin plastic material. The bladder inner tube needs to be removed from both ends in order to isolate the valves. You can remove the bladder inner tube by removing the protective and outer sleeves.

How to Properly’ Repair an Air Awning Tube

You can approach the repair process in a similar way to how you would approach any air awning made by Vango or another manufacturer. As we recommend the Kampa Rally 390 awning in our – It’s ideal for couples with pets and families.

Find Which Air Tube is Leaking

First, close all isolation valves on the cross beams and support beams of your air awning. You can leave it this way overnight to identify which beam is leaking. You will need to make repairs if you suspect that it is one of the overhead support beams.

Once you have found the culprit you will need to disconnect the beam and take the inner bladder out – this is usually just a simple process of unzipping the outer cover and carefully pulling it out.

Fill the Bladder With Water

You can then fill the bladder with water if you suspect it is leaking. Once you have filled it, you will be able easily to see where the water is going. It is more likely that it is coming from the seal of your air valve, as this is where most leaks occur.

Another option is to get yourself a bucket, blow air into the bladder and place it in the water to see where the air bubbles are coming from – just as you would with a bicycle inner tube.

Use an inflatable Awning Repair Kit

Now that you’ve found out where your leak is coming from – on with the actual repair!

The Kampa inflatable kit can be used to repair the leak. Use alcohol to clean the area. Next, apply glue to the affected area. Finally, cut a cross in the patch to place it over the air leak.

The inflatable repair kit includes only 2 x 75mm round repair patches. These are great for repairs around the valve, but not for larger holes or tears elsewhere on the bladder.

If you find a tear or rip in your air awning bladder, you will need the ‘Tent & Awning Repair Kit. It can take up to 2-4 hours for the kit to fully cure after you’ve used it. Kampa suggests that the tube be left to cure for 6-8 hours before it is inflated again.

Kampa - Tent & Awning Repair Kit
  • Repair Solution and Tape
  • Quickly and easily repairs ripped awnings and tents
  • Sticks to natural and synthetic fabrics including nylon, polyester, vinyl, rubber, plastic & canvas

With this kit you can quickly repair your beams on-site. However, it might be worth buying a new blade/bladder replacement depending on how badly damaged the beams are.

Even if you decide you want to fully replace the beam while on holiday, it may not be possible. You may not find one in your local camping shop. So if you own an air-awning, I believe these repair kits make a smart investment.

Another great product to have in your awning repair arsenal is Gorilla Clear Repair tape!

Gorilla Glue Clear Repair Tape can be used to repair damaged awnings. This multi-purpose, high-performance, heavy-duty, and reliable tape is made by a company known for making strong, reliable products. It’s easy to apply and use. You can stick it to any surface, even rough ones. It can be easily ripped with your hands, so no need to use scissors or any other tools.

It’s both weatherproof and UV resistant, so it will help keep your awning in great condition.

GorillaTape Gaffer & Builders - Clear
  • Incredibly strong and perfect for practically invisible repairs
  • forms a flexible, airtight seal, which is 100% waterproof
  • perfect for a variety of internal and outdoor applications
  • Clear tape

And That’s It!

I hope this post helps you if you’ve woken up to find you have a poorly air awning! Air awnings offer many benefits but there is always the possibility of a leak. It is up to you to decide if it is worth the effort and time to fix or replace an air beam.

But even if the awning‘s life expectancy is extended by six months, it’s worth making some simple repairs yourself. You might even be able to extend its life and get another few years of use before replacing it. 

Please don’t let the possibility of a punctured awning put you off buying one! Air awnings are proven to be more resilient in bad weather than traditional pole awnings. Sometimes too much movement can lead to a leaking pipe or a tear – get yourself a decent storm strap kit to reduce wind-related movement, and the chances are you will wake up to a fully intact air awning!

Happy Caravanning!

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